Density differences in the spermatozoa of normozoospermic, asthenozoospermic and oligo-asthenozoospermic males.


The spermatozoa densities of the ejaculates obtained daily for five days from infertile males were compared to the spermatozoa densities of the ejaculates obtained from normozoospermic donors. The density distribution of the spermatozoa was established on Percoll columns of discontinuous densities. The density dispersion patterns of five consecutive days from each donor within a donor group were used to establish the main, daily density dispersion patterns. The five, daily, mean dispersion patterns were used to create 3-dimensional graphs of density dispersion variations. The 3-dimensional graphs from the infertile male groups show negligible daily variations as compared to that of the healthy males. The absence of wide daily variations is suggested to be considered as a sign of faulty epididymal functioning.


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