Comparative Analysis of Performance and Emission Charactristics of Neem Oil Using 3 And 4 Holes Injection Nozzle on DI Diesel Engine


Bio-diesel is one of the most promising alternatives for diesel needs. Use of edible oil may create shortage of oil seeds for daily food, which necessitates identification of new kinds of non-edible vegetable oil. With this objective, the present work has focused on the performance of neem non-edible vegetable oils and its blend with diesel. In the present experimental investigation 5.2 kW diesel engine AV1 Single Cylinder water cooled, Kirloskar Make tested for blends of diesel with Castor and Neem Biodiesel. The viscosity of neem oil is reduced first by blending with diesel in 25/75%, 50/50%, 75/25%, and 100% on the volume basis, then analyzed and compared with diesel. The performance and emission characteristics of blends are evaluated at variable loads of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5kw at constant rated speed of 1500rpm and results are compared with diesel. The tests were conducted for injection pressure of 160 bar with fuel injector of 3 holes and 4 holes. In this investigation it is found that the nozzle having 4 holes gives good performance results and lower rate of emissions. Thus the nozzle with 4 holes can be used preferably than the 3 holes nozzle.


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