In this paper we traverse a range over the performance of wide division multiplexing(wdm) optical network connected as the ring topology(ringO network) consist of various nodes has been manifested, and the signal is examined critically as it goes through every node in the network. It has been proved that there is no considerable signal degradation in the ring network. It is seen that the signal keeps on improving as it goes through the consecutive nodes. Also when the entire ring structure is rehearsed with the help of spans, then advancement in the signal is perceived. We investigated the effect of inter-channel crosstalk at ADM of a ring network at sweeping bandwidth of filters and the analysis done using eye diagrams. The effect of increasing the input power is also carried out further and it is seen that it can support more number of users by enhancing the signal input power. The optical spectrum of the signal is observed at each node for assessing of the add and the drop frequencies in the ring.


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